Pallet wrapping machine

Semi Automatic

Matco A700

  • Powered pre-stretch
  • Push buttons

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Matco B50

  • Mechanical film brake
  • Display

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Matco B100

  • Mechanical film brake
  • Display

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Matco A100

  • Mechanical film brake
  • Push buttons

Palletwickler halbautomatisch
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Fully Automatic

Matco ALC45

  • Automatic rotary arm pallet wrapper
  • 45 rpm
  • 90 pallets per hour

Matco ALC_45
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Matco SLK20

  • Automatic turntable pallet wrapper
  • 20 rpm
  • 55 pallets per hour

Matco SLK-20
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Borst TSD

  • Automatic top sheet dispenser
  • Dust proof wrapping

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Matco ALC12

  • Automatic rotary arm pallet wrapper
  • 12 rpm
  • 35 pallets per hour

Matco ALC-12
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Why a pallet wrapping machine?

When a pallet is wrapped by a pallet wrapping machine, the load is protected against dust, moisture, weather conditions and impact damage. Moreover, the contents of the pallet are better protected against theft.

In numerous branches, loads are wrapped with wrapping film. Consider foodstuffs for supermarkets, electronics boxes for electronics stores and various items in the office sector. When the film is correctly applied, wrapping a pallet with a pallet machine ensures protection against damage and theft. Unfortunately, pallets are often not wrapped correctly. For example, manual wrapping is still used, or outdated machines that do not function properly. 

Advantages of a high-quality machine

Incorrect wrapping of pallets causes problems for various reasons. Firstly, an unnecessary amount of wrapping film is used during manual wrapping. The film easily gets stuck on something or sticks together. As a result, the packer must start all over again and the film is thrown away. Ultimately, this unnecessary use of material causes additional costs and is bad for the environment.

The use of an incorrect pallet wrapping machine also causes unnecessary issues. For example, outdated machines regularly malfunction and are less accurate. This once again causes material to be thrown away unnecessarily and that the work suffers downtime. This results in more costs within the organisation, and the wrapping work cannot be carried out efficiently. As a professional organisation, choose therefore a top-quality wrapping machine, so that unnecessary waste is always prevented.

Which pallet wrapping machine?

Wrapping machines come in various shapes and sizes. The various options depends on the use and space on the work floor. At Matco, you can choose between semi-automatic and fully automatic pallet wrapping machines. As the name suggests, the second option is even more convenient. With the help of an automatic wrapping machine, the wrapping process becomes fully automated.

We also offer rotating arm wrappers and rotating table wrappers. With a rotating arm, a pallet remains stationary while the machine wraps the film around it. With a rotating table, the pallet is first placed on a rotating platform. The pallet rotates and the film is wrapped around the load. In both cases, this saves your employees a lot of work. You also save a lot of costs, since the machines use the perfect amount of film while wrapping.

Choose convenience and quality

Pallet wrapping machines ensure that products and pallets are wrapped professionally. This makes the load look attractive when it arrives at the customer. Furthermore, a (horizontal) wrapping machine this saves your employees a lot of work. They no longer have to walk around a pallet with a roll of wrapping film. This is inconvenient for the packers, especially if there is a large load on the pallet. As your organisation grows, there is the chance that more and more pallets have to be transported. As a result, employees are spending more and more time wrapping loads manually. In such cases, a pallet wrapping machine is essential to deliver the contents on time and in the best condition possible.

More information or order directly?

Do you wish to order a pallet wrapping machine? Or do you wonder which wrapping machine is most suitable for your organisation? Feel free to contact the specialists at Matco. We have been the specialist in the field of pallet wrappers in the Netherlands since 1975. Innovation and quality have been our goal since day one. We deliver the quality that fits your demand, because we know exactly which wrapping machine best suits your situation. Thanks to our high-quality service, we guarantee that you can continue to use a top-quality pallet wrapping machine for years. In almost all cases, spare parts can be ordered directly from our own warehouse.

View our range for the complete selection of semi-automatic and fully automatic wrapping machines. At Matco, you choose for optimum security, top-quality components and low-maintenance machines. For more information, please contact our specialists at +31 (0)85 – 049 4960, or contact us by e- mail at