Of course, we guarantee the top quality of our pallet wrappers. But even more important is how we help you after delivery. This is the optimum service for which Matco has been known for over 40 years. You can rely on it.

On-site support

Matco understands that our people are essential components to keep your pallet wrappers operational. To achieve this, we offer a highly trained, competent and dedicated Field Service Team with decades of experience. Our people are ready to meet all your wrapping needs, both in terms of the machine and the wrapping film and the combination of both.

Quick solution in the event of a malfunction

Malfunctions are always inconvenient. Therefore, it is a must for us that we guarantee you short response times. The downtime of your production and packaging lines must be as short as possible. This is ensured by our all-round 20 service engineers with many years of experience. Perhaps the solution can even be provided by telephone or remote access. If not, we will ensure that our service engineer is on site as soon as possible in order to remedy the downtime.

Our 20 service engineers go all over the country. In addition, they know all the pallet wrappers and associated transport systems, so they can always solve the problem quickly. Rely on our service desk, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

24/7 Service

Every Matco pallet wrapper includes the Matco service as standard. You are assured of fast and expert service throughout the life of your pallet wrapping machine. So, if you urgently need help due to a malfunction, you can call on our 24/7 breakdown service.

It goes without saying that a Matco pallet wrapper complies with the latest European safety standards and is therefore provided with the legally required CE marking. This means that we also provide a guarantee on many parts, as agreed upon at delivery. You can always contact us for this.

Do you want extra security?

If you conclude a service contract with Matco, you can count on both preventive maintenance and rapid assistance from a service engineer on site if necessary. Please contact us for more information. 

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