Industrial services

Matco International can manage and coordinate all simple and complex technical maintenance issues like no other. We are a total partner when it comes to your technical activities. Whether it concerns specialist maintenance, spare parts, intralogistics relocation, project relocation, machine relocation or industrial assembly: we are there for you.

Our technical professionals have expert experience and training. We also have everything we need to provide our customers with total peace of mind. With us, you benefit from our own business office, workshop and high-quality equipment. The combination of first-class technical specialists and access to top facilities make Matco International unique.


Matco International is a brand and importer-independent service organisation. This enables us to responsibly take care of your intralogistics systems, conveyors and packaging lines.

We carry out preventive maintenance and repairs to installations and systems. We also take care of retrofits and the relocation of complete intralogistics installations and packaging lines.

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Spare parts

Matco International supplies spare parts for all intralogistics installations and packaging lines. We are in direct contact with spare parts suppliers for numerous machines, installations and equipment. This enables us to order the right parts quickly and deliver them to you on site. Would you like one of our technical specialists to install the parts? We can arrange this for you. Depending on the issue and the parts, we will engage the most specialised experts.

Intralogistic relocation

For many years, Matco International has been carrying out internal relocations and relocations of installations, machines, conveyors and packaging lines in relation to intralogistics use. Whether it is a stand-alone machine or a complete packaging line, we can arrange this for you both internally and externally. It is also possible to have adjustments, overhauls and maintenance work carried out in our workshop by experienced engineers, CNC millers or welders with available materials and resources. We are happy to help you minimise disruption to your production process. Matco International also has their own workshop to manufacture necessary parts in-house.

Project relocation

During project relocations, Matco International takes care of the preparatory work. At the same time, we check the maintenance status, carry out overhauls and machine adjustments and finally relocate a product line, conveyor or packaging line. The advantage to you is that your product or packaging line will be in optimum condition at the new location as soon as work starts. We now have extensive experience of project relocations and know how to minimise disruption to your business and production processes.

Machine relocation

As true experts, we have been carrying out machine relocations for years. Be it a stand-alone machine or a complete product line, transport or packaging line. Internally and externally, we take care of the entire process of project management, communication, disassembly and assembly, transport and commissioning support. Naturally, we engage the best people to best meet your needs in terms of machine relocation.

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Industrial assembly

Matco International easily takes care of your industrial assembly, including of and on intralogistics installations, conveyors and packaging lines. We have in-house mechanical and electrical mechanics, as well as specialists in electrical engineering and various certified welding techniques. Industrial assembly activities range from troubleshooting and overhauling machines on site to supervising the relocation of entire machine fleets, conveyors and production lines. Above all, tell us your needs and wishes. We are happy to think along with you!

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