Pallet dispenser

Do you want to return empty pallets to a transport system? You can do this effortlessly with the Matco pallet dispenser.

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By means of grippers in a lifting and lowering mechanism, the pallets can be placed on a conveyor belt. The empty pallets can easily be placed in the dispenser with a forklift truck. The space in which the pallets are placed is entirely made of closed sheet metal. The pallets therefore do not hang or jam. This simplifies the process for the forklift truck driver. 

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The lifting system of the Matco pallet dispenser is electrically driven with a frequency controlled SEW motor, while the folding forks are controlled with FESTO pneumatics. The dispenser is available for different pallet sizes, please contact our sales department for more information.

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We know how your machine works, because we designed and built it ourselves. That is the great advantage of a maintenance contract with Matco.

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