Never invest again in pallet wrappers 


Imagine never having to invest again in a wrapping line or a pallet wrapper. Instead, you pay per use of machine and stretch film – pay per pallet. So you know exactly what the cost price is. Matco offers you all these advantages in the new concept ‘Whole-In One’… and much more!

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New from Matco: Whole-In-One

Do you want a flexible contract duration? We offer the solution: with a minimum contract period of 36 months, we deploy the optimum pallet wrapper for your specific contract. Including the right film for your specific needs and application. You pay for this per use (per pallet), so no need for upfront investment. Under the name Whole-In-One, we offer maximum flexibility and will take care of all your automation needs at an optimum and constant cost price.

Your benefits:

Matco Investering

No investment

No upfront investment. You pay per pallet.

Matco Ontzorging

A total solution

At the time of purchase and during the entire lifecycle.

Matco One Stop Shopping

One-stop shopping

We take care of everything for you. Including the film.

Matco Pay Per Pallet

Pay per pallet

An optimal TCO model.

Matco Machinekeuze


100% flexible in machine choice and contract duration.

Matco Stuurinformatie


App with control and management information.

One stop shopping and 100% flexibility

The decision to purchase a pallet wrapper or wrapping line has never been easier. We engineer and install everything for you, and we assist you throughout the entire lifecycle. Because you pay per use (per pallet) for the machine including stretch film, you always have direct insight into the Total Cost of Ownership.

Logistics contracts usually have a term of 3 years. Have your requirements changed after 3 years? We offer the right solution for the new situation, without costs or investments. Moreover, we guarantee maximum uptime through the certainty of an SLA (maintenance and service). And we provide you with a dashboard in the form of an app with control and management information (number of pallets, type of pallets, load carriers, film consumption, etc.).

Sustainability through efficiency

Everything Matco does is dedicated to sustainability: our customers can work as efficiently as possible with their machines and film. In this way, we actively work to reduce waste, save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

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