Brand-independent maintenance

As a brand and importer-independent service organisation, we provide maintenance management for a wide range of intralogistics systems and packaging lines.

Whether for in-house systems or at 3PL service providers, we take the maintenance out of your hands in a responsible manner. Think of complete packaging lines with palletisers, conveyors, pallet wrappers, labellers and scanners. In short, everything related to tertiary packaging and transport. Our flexible approach will help you.

The craftsmanship of our engineers is central to everything we do. As is the desire to work with our customers to achieve appropriate machine management. Matco International has more than 70 experienced mechanical, electrical and mechatronic engineers.

Our strength lies in our many years of experience and in smart maintenance planning, where we strive for the lowest integral costs and maximum availability of resources.

We carry out maintenance, repairs and updates during permitted and planned downtimes, such as holiday periods. Thanks to this complete service, Matco International is your partner in maintenance management!

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Why Matco International?

Technical services optimisation

Matco International makes their own technical specialists available to support technical services. We provide skilled people available in case of understaffing or peaks in technical services. Whether short-term or long-term projects, our people are ready to lend clients a helping hand.

Technical service outsourcing

We are able to provide complete technical services. This allows customers to outsource a technical service when they need it. Meanwhile, Matco International has taken over the technical service activities of several renowned customers. The advantage is that the continuity and professionalism of the personnel is maintained at a high level, while you can continue to focus on your core activities.

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Working method

Matco International first performs a baseline measurement and then draws up with you a maintenance schedule for periodic maintenance. We also make an overview of functions and their associated wear parts.We map out our findings, with Matco International offering you the parts to be replaced and/or work (advice) through a quotation. Above all, tell us your needs and wishes. We are happy to think along with you!