Pallet wrapping film

Machine film

  • Quality guaranteed in different type and rack ratios
  • Produced by means of a fixed recipe
  • Delivery reliability by stock

Matco Machinefolie
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Hand wrap film

  • Ideal during order picking
  • Fast and flexible wrapping on location
  • Pre-stretched, coreless and ultra-thin

Matco Handfolie
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Top sheets

  • Optimal protection of your loads
  • Dust-proof and waterproof pallet wrapping
  • Various thicknesses, dimensions and specifications

Matco Topsheets
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Perforated film

  • Fast drying of the load
  • Perfect airflow of all wrapped goods
  • Ensures stability of the load on the pallet

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Matco Ladingstabiliteit

Load stability

Matco CO2 reductie

CO2 reduction

Matco Lage prijs per pallet

Lowest price per pallet

Matco Whole in One

One point of contact

Matco Kennis

Knowledge and expertise

Matco Nanotechnologie


Good pallet wrappers are half the battle. The correct wrapping film and the correct use of it makes the wrapping complete. We offer you the best film for your specific requirements. So you can be sure that you are working as efficiently as possible. Also when it comes to cargo stability, because this is increasingly important.

The best pallet wrapping film for the best wrapping quality

The quality of wrapping strongly depends on the quality of the pallet wrapping film used. Because we believe good quality film is important, we have developed our own films under the name Matco Films. These different types of pallet wrapping film are always produced based on recipes we have created ourselves. In addition, the film is always produced on the same extruder, guaranteeing consistency. Naturally, the films are also fully adapted to our own machines. This way you will be choosing top quality in every area. How many other pallet wrapping film suppliers offer you this whole package?

With Matco Films quality is guaranteed. Matco Films is available for every pallet load. This high-quality wrapping film is the result of years of experience in the packaging industry, combined with specific technical material knowledge. We guarantee optimal stability with high efficiency. The right solution for every packaging challenge: that’s Matco Films.

Load stability 

In response to EUMOS legislation and quality control, we guarantee load stability with all our wrapping film. Every pallet wrapped with our film passes the 26-degree test effortlessly. Acceleration of a car at 0.3G and braking at 0.5G is no problem for us as a confident pallet wrapping film supplier.

CO2 reduction

We help you to achieve CO2 reduction through the stretch in our pallet wrapping film and the most optimal adjustment of the machine. Many of our pallet wrappers use pre-stretch, which means they use less film and offer more stability. Thanks to the reduction in film use, your company’s CO2 footprint is also reduced. We can easily map all this for you on location with our Matco Packaging Quick scan. Request it here.

Lowest price per pallet

All optimisation measures that we have implemented for you, result in the lowest cost price per pallet in the market. The price of the pallet wrapping film, grammage used per pallet, depreciation of the wrappers: everything is optimised. This allows you to keep your inbound & outbound calculation optimal.

One point of contact: whole-in-one

Matco offers all your wrapping solutions in one. From pallet wrappers to (clear or black) pallet wrapping film: you will have one point of contact. Whatever your question, we are always here to help. We call this whole-in-one.

Knowledge and expertise

At Matco we have all the knowledge you can expect in the field of pallet wrapping film and pallet wrappers. We know everything about legislation, cargo stability and CSR aspects in these areas. Thanks to our expertise, you get more and save costs.


The clear and black pallet wrapping film we develop under the name Matco Films is developed with nanotechnology. Our bi-axially oriented film consists of 33 layers or more, in which we can process specific molecular properties in each layer. 

Tailor-made advice on the best wrapping film for your requirements

Your specific situation requires tailor-made advice. You can always contact Matco for this. Our experts have decades of experience with pallet wrapping film and can tell you about every possible way to use it for your packaging needs. Whether it’s perforated film, machine film, hand film or top sheets: we are happy to answer all your questions about pallet wrapping film.

First of all, it is important for us to get a good picture of your logistics process where wrapping with film plays an important role. Once you have explained your process to us, our wrapping film experts will ask you some additional questions to clarify the details. They will be able to clearly explain to you what is going well with your current wrapping process, where there is room for improvement and which wrapping film from our range would be best suited. 

Or contact Matco if you would like to know the difference between various types of pallet wrapping film, like clear or black. We are happy to assist you in optimising your process, starting with good advice.

Would you like to know more about our wrapping film? Ask our wrapping film experts

Do you have any questions about the best wrapping film for your specific requirements? Our staff will be happy to help you. Please call our wrapping film experts for tailored expert advice: +31 (0) 850 49 49 81.

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