Do you want a top-quality wrapper, but without making a big investment? We are happy to offer you the possibility of renting/leasing. For example, you can rent a wrapper for a predetermined period, so that you always know exactly what the costs are per month. The terms can be flexibly scaled up and the number of wrappers can also be expanded. This means that you always have the right machine park at your disposal. In addition, you are assured of our excellent service. In this way, we are happy to relieve you of all your worries. 

We use the following rental periods for our wrappers: 

WRC 1212 months
WRC 2424 months
WRC 3636 months
WRC Short1-6 months

Whole-In-One concept

Wrapping a pallet is an art. All kinds of things are involved. For example, an optimal match between the machine and the film with the right properties, which depend on the application and the product. Matco knows this art like no other. You can come to us for a complete service. Use our expertise in the field of wrapping, inspection & maintenance, testing and the supply of foil. That is our Whole-in-one concept. 

Do you have any questions about our rental/leasing service? 

Want to know more? Our experts will be happy to tell you about the specific possibilities for your situation. Feel free to call our team on +31 (0) 850 49 49 60.