Film wrapping machine

Are you looking for a film wrapping machine? Then Matco has got you covered. We supply different types of film wrapping machines with which you can wrap pallets. Together, we select the best machine to protect your valuable load when it is shipped to your customer. Request for quotation now or read on for more information.

Semi Automatic

Matco T7 PRO

  • Powered pre-stretch
  • Touch screen
  • 4 wrapping programs

Matco T7 Pro
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Matco B700

  • Powered pre-stretch
  • Touch screen
  • 4 wrapping programs

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Matco B-HS

  • Horse Shoe turntable
  • Possible on B-50, 100, 400, 700

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Matco T3 ECO

  • Mechanical film brake
  • Display

Matco T3 Eco
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Fully Automatic

Borst P2300

  • Automatic turn arm pallet wrapper
  • 20 rpm
  • 55 pallets per hour

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Borst P2500

  • Automatic turn arm pallet wrapper
  • 34 rpm
  • 80 pallets per hour

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Borst TSD

  • Automatic top sheet dispenser
  • Dust proof wrapping

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Matco ALC12

  • Automatic rotary arm pallet wrapper
  • 12 rpm
  • 35 pallets per hour

Matco ALC-12
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Purchase a film wrapping machine

If you regularly transport pallets or (large) loads, then buying a film wrapping machine is a wise choice. Film wrapping machines are used in numerous sectors and for various reasons. In the food sector, for example, pallets of vegetables, fruits and meat products are wrapped with film to better protect them against external influences. A film wrapping machine is also indispensable in the transport sector, office sector and in the world of electronics. With a proper film wrap, a load is better protected against rain, leaks, dust and impact damage. In certain cases, the load is also better protected against theft if you choose the correct wrapping material. Choose therefore the high-quality film wrapping machines from Matco. At Matco, you will always find new or used film wrapping machine at a competitive price.

Wrapping by machine or manually?

To provide the best protection, it is essential that the wrapping process is carried out correctly. At many companies, pallets or goods are still wrapped manually. As a result, the chance is very high that the film is applied incorrectly, and the protection is far from perfect. Furthermore, sustainability and environmental friendliness are becoming increasingly important within various sectors and companies. When film is applied manually, waste is insurmountable. Often, too much wrapping material is used, or wrapping film must be thrown away because it is cracked or incorrectly applied. Ultimately, this is bad for the environment and results in reduced efficiency and additional costs. When you choose the high-quality film wrapping machines from Matco, the perfect amount of film is always used. This saves you time and costs, and you consciously handle (plastic) wrapping material.

Modern and accurate

Organisations regularly use film wrapping machines for too long. Moreover, maintenance often leaves something to be desired. A poorly maintained film wrapping machine gets jammed faster and is inaccurate. Employees have to spend a lot of time removing and reapplying the film. Moreover, the packaging process can even suffer downtime if the machine becomes defective due to age or overdue maintenance. This costs your organisation a lot of time and money. As a professional organisation, choose Matco film wrapping machines. We only use top-quality components and guarantee excellent service. This way, you can stay ahead of the competition with our equipment for years to come.

Top-level packaging equipment

Pallets and (large) loads are perfectly wrapped with Matco’s film wrapping machines. The delivery always looks professional when it arrives at your customer. Moreover, the load is optimally protected and arrives in top condition. Thanks to the film wrapping machines, you also save your employees unnecessary work, since many pallets can be wrapped automatically. Especially with large loads, employees no longer have to walk around the pallet with a heavy roll of film. Automated wrapping is much faster, and content can be delivered in time to the final destination.

At Matco, you can choose between semi-automatic and fully automatic film wrapping machines. Furthermore, we have both rotary arm wrappers and rotating table wrappers in our range. With a rotating table wrapper, the pallet is placed on a rotating platform, after which the film is applied efficiently and accurately. With a rotary arm wrapper, the load remains stationary during the packing process.

More information or order directly?

Do you want to know which film wrapping machine best suits your wishes and activities? Feel free to contact the specialists at Matco. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can always advise you on the best solution. At Matco, you will only find high-quality film wrapping machines from our own factory. During the entire process, we only use top-quality components. Due to our excellent service and our own spare parts warehouse, your machine stays in perfect condition for years to come.

Innovation and quality are essential to us. Request for quotation via the website, or download the brochure for specific information about our products. You can reach our experienced staff at +31 (0)85 – 049 4960 and