Pallet wrappers

For more than 40 years, Matco has been the leading Dutch manufacturer and supplier of semi-automatic and fully automatic pallet wrappers in almost all of Europe. From an entry-level model to high-end customisation, we take care of it. We owe our good name to top-quality products that do their work without problems for many years and to our excellent service. This has been our strength since we were founded in 1975.

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Semi Automatic


  • NEW
  • Semi-automatic pallet wrapper
  • Super low turntable

Matco A300 Flatline semiautomatische palletwikkelaar
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Matco A600 CC

  • Powered pre-stretch
  • Touch screen
  • Cut & Clamp unit

Matco A600 CC semi-automatische palletwikkelaar
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Matco A-HS

The A100, A300, and A600 can be fitted with a horseshoe rotating table.

Matco A300 Horse Shoe semiautomatische palletwikkelaar
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Matco A800

  • Semi-automatic pallet wrapper
  • 12 rpm – up to 30 pallets per hour

Matco A800 semi-automatische palletwikkelaar
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Matco A300

  • Powered pre-stretch
  • Push buttons

Matco A300 semi-automatische palletwikkelaar
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Matco A800CC

  • Semi-automatic pallet wrapper
  • 12 rpm – up to 30 pallets per hour

Matco A800 semi-automatische palletwikkelaar
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Matco B-HS

  • Horse Shoe turntable
  • Possible on B-50, 100, 400, 700

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Matco A900

  • Semi-automatic rotary arm pallet wrapper
  • 12 rpm – 30 pallets per hour

Matco A-900 semi-automatische palletwikkelaar
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Fully Automatic

Borst TWD

  • Automatic top sheet dispenser
  • Dust proof and waterproof wrapping

Matco Borst TWD Top Sheet Dispenser volautomatische palletwikkelaar
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Borst P2300

  • Automatic turn arm pallet wrapper
  • 20 rpm
  • 55 pallets per hour

Matco Borst P2300 volautomatische palletwikkelaar
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Matco HQR65

  • Automatic ring wrapper
  • 65 rpm
  • 90 pallets per hour

pallet wrapping machine
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Matco ALC12

  • Automatic rotary arm pallet wrapper
  • 12 rpm
  • 35 pallets per hour

Matco ALC12 volautomatische palletwikkelaar
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Matco ALC45 TWIN

  • Automatic double rotary arm wrapper
  • 45 rpm
  • 130 pallets per hour

Matco ALC45 TWIN volautomatische palletwikkelaar
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  • Automatic turntable pallet wrapper
  • 8 or 12 rpm
  • 35 pallets per hour

Matco SLK8 LOW volautomatische palletwikkelaar
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Borst P1500

  • Automatic turntable pallet wrapper
  • 15 rpm
  • 45 pallets per hour

Matco Borst P1500 volautomatische palletwikkelaar
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Matco ALC20

  • Automatic rotary arm pallet wrapper
  • 20 rpm
  • 60 pallets per hour

Matco ALC20 volautomatische palletwikkelaar
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What is a pallet wrapper?

Film wrapping is a technique where a thin plastic film is wrapped around a pallet or product. This can be done manually or mechanically by using a pallet wrapper. Various terms are used, such as wrapping, stretch wrapping and pallet wrapping, but they all mean the same thing. Wrapping allows products to be bundled, secured and/or protected against, for example, falling over, damage and dirt during transport and storage. The ultimate goal  of a pallet wrapper is to wrap products well, undamaged and at the lowest (total) cost in order to send them from A to B.

Pallet wrapper

Why film wrapping?

Film wrapping is a relatively inexpensive and easy-to-apply method of securing load. It is suitable for both uniform and irregular loads. Other advantages of film wrapping are:

  1. A solid, complete and inexpensive packaging
  2. Protection against dirt & damage
  3. Suitable for “fragile” products
  4. Very suitable for holding products together
  5. Flexible: the tension and amount of film can be adjusted
  6. For a wide range of products: from boxes to doors
  7. By wrapping with a coloured film, the product is recognisable (or not, in order to prevent theft)

How does it work?

Several layers of thin plastic film are wrapped around the load or a product by hand or with the aid of a pallet wrapper. In this way, stabilisation and protection is ensured. There are various types of pallet wrappers: the turntable, arm, ring and robot wrapper and the horizontal wrapper. Each type of industrial pallet wrapper has its own specific characteristics.

What is a good wrapping?

A good wrapping means that the film is as tight as possible around the load, without damaging the product. In addition, the stability is good, the load is connected to, for example, a pallet, there is no “film end”, it looks neat and presentable and all this, at the lowest possible cost per pallet/load. A good pallet wrapper helps you achieve this.

This result is achieved by carefully adjusting different elements:

  1. What is the load?
  2. What is the right pre-stretch?
  3. What film tension is required?
  4. What wrapping pattern?
  5. What type of attachment to the pallet is required?

What is pre-stretch?

Pre-stretch is a term often used in film wrapping. Pre-stretch means that the wrapping film is stretched by the pallet wrapper; 1 metre of film is then used to “make more film”. The purpose of pre-stretching is to save wrapping film and increase the stability of the load.

The amount of pre-stretch is given as a percentage, ranging from 0% to 400%.

By using the right pre-stretch and pallet wrapper, the savings can be as much as 80%.

Outgrown manual wrapping? Take the next step!

Matco International has several pallet wrapping machines in their range. When producers have outgrown manual wrapping, the next step can be chosen: a semi-automatic or fully automatic pallet wrapper, when you no longer want to have to worry about it at all.

Semi-automatic pallet wrappers

From a few pallets per hour, the capacity becomes too high for manual wrapping. Semi-automatic pallet machines offer a solution. These machines achieve a capacity of 20-25 pallets per hour. Because the wrapping cycle is fully automated, each load has the same wrapping pattern. In addition, these pallet wrappers have a pre-stretch system. The pre-stretch system stretches the wrapping film to the desired pre-stretch percentage.

Fully automatic pallet wrappers

With a fully automatic pallet wrapper, loads are wrapped fully automatically without the intervention of an operator. Now and then, operators only need to replace a film roll. These pallet wrappers have several wrapping programs that can be set. The different loads can be processed interchangeably; the pallet wrapping machine selects the right programme for the right load. In this way, the pallet wrapper automatically adapts to different loads. The capacities range up to 150 pallets/hour.

Innovative solutions

Thanks to our many years of experience, expert knowledge and good cooperation with customers, we offer optimum security in final wrapping systems for every sector. Matco distinguishes themselves with a contemporary vision and approach: we use our broad knowledge and experience to proactively find innovative solutions for complex transport packaging. Through acquisitions, network expansion, service expansion and range expansion, Matco is able to meet any demand from any customer.

In-house experienced engineers

Due to our diversity of specialties, we offer the best solution in standard and customised palletwrappers. We offer our customers the best possible pallet wrapping solution at a fair price. By means of customisation, we can offer our customers an ever-increasing capacity and flexibility. We have in-house experienced engineers to monitor the process and adjust it where necessary at each stage.