Roll wrappers

Do you want to have horizontal rollers (cylinders) wrapped? Then the reliable roll wrappers from Matco are exactly what you are looking for. Thanks to smart technology, this robust wrapper does exactly what you want it to do. Fast and efficient. In this way, you have optimum return on your investment. Ideal for the paper industry, for rolls of insulation material, textiles, felt and much more.

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Roll wrapper

  • Varieties of size in roll diameters possible
  • Integrated scale possible under the wrapper

Matco Roll Wrapper
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Two types of roll wrappers

Existen There are two different types of roll wrappers; one where the rotating arm of the wrapper rotates and the other where the product rotates with the turntable. Because the roller rotates a little, the film wraps itself around every surface of the product. Both types of wrappers take a lot of work off your hands. Let one of our sales advisors inform you about the many possibilities.

Maintenance of your roll wrapper

Downtime costs money. Especially if your entire production depends on that one machine. That is why it is so important to carry out preventive planned maintenance. We will make agreements with you about this at an early stage. We want you to benefit from your investment for as long as possible. Fortunately, you can always count on our fast service, because we have no fewer than 20 service engineers on the road. So, there is always a specialist near you.