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About us

For more than 40 years, Matco has been the leading Dutch manufacturer and supplier of semi-automaticand fully automaticpallet wrapping machines in almost all of Europe. From an entry-level model to high-end customisation, we take care of it. We owe our good name to top-quality products that do their work without problems for many years and to our excellent service. This has been our strength since we were founded in 1975.

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Innovative solutions

Thanks to our many years of experience, expert knowledge and good cooperation with customers, we offer optimum security in final wrapping systems for every sector. Matco distinguishes themselves with a contemporary vision and approach: we use our broad knowledge and experience to proactively find innovative solutions for complex transport packaging. Through acquisitions, network expansion, service expansion and range expansion, Matco is able to meet any demand from any customer.

In-house experienced engineers

Due to our diversity of specialties, we offer the best solution in standard and customised wrapping machines. We offer our customers the best possible pallet wrapping solution at a fair price. By means of customisation, we can offer our customers an ever-increasing capacity and flexibility. We have in-house experienced engineers to monitor the process and adjust it where necessary at each stage.

Matco in short

Team of experts

At Matco you can always count on advice and service from real experts. We deliver excellent service and quality with complete dedication. In addition, our organisation has a no-nonsense culture, in which professionalism goes hand in hand with innovation and quality. We strive for a substantial growth of the company and invest considerably in resources and technology to be the ideal partner for you. You will notice this with every contact with our employees. They are always there for you.

Sustainability through efficiency

Everything Matco does is about sustainability: we let all our customers work as efficiently as possible with their machines and films. We actively work on reducing waste, saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.