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Matco has been the leading Dutch manufacturer and supplier of semiautomatic and fully automatic pallet wrapping and strapping machines in almost all of Europe for around 50 years. From an entry-level model to high-end customisation, we take care of it. We owe our good name to top-quality products that do their work for years without any problems and to our excellent service. Ever since our establishment in 1975, this has been our strength.

Since 2021, the former Stikkers Industriemontage has also been part of the Matco group. The main activity of this Matco division is carrying out industrial installation, (dis)assembly and maintenance jobs, both mechanical and electrical, for clients on the basis of a fixed scope, direction or subsequent calculation.

Clients can also use us as a flexible shell to manage peaks and troughs in order intake. Mechanical, electrical and mechatronic and brand-independent. Our highly flexible attitude and the broad profile of our specialist professionals enable us to respond quickly to your requirements.

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Innovative solutions

Thanks to years of experience, expert knowledge and good cooperation with customers, we offer optimum security in end-of-line packaging systems for every industry. Matco distinguishes itself with a contemporary vision and approach: we use our broad knowledge and experience to proactively come up with innovative solutions for complex transport packaging.

Own experienced engineers

Thanks to our diversity of specialisms, we offer the best solution in standard and custom-made wrapping and strapping machines. We offer our customers the best possible solution at a fair price. Through customisation, we can offer our customers ever-increasing capacity and flexibility. We have our own experienced engineers to monitor the process and make adjustments at every stage where necessary.

Sustainability through efficiency

Everything Matco does is dedicated to sustainability: we allow all our customers to work as efficiently as possible with their machines and consumables such as film and strapping tape. In this way, we actively work to reduce waste, save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

Matco in short

Team of experts

At Matco, you can always count on advice and service from real experts. We diligently deliver excellent service and quality. Our organisation has a no-nonsense culture, where professionalism goes hand in hand with innovation and quality. We aim for substantial company growth and invest significantly in resources and technology to be the ideal partner for you. We know what we are talking about, we are flexible and we can switch when necessary. You will notice this in every contact with our staff. Almost no challenge is too big for us, concessions are not made and ‘no’ is a word you won’t hear easily at Matco International.

Safety first

It goes without saying that we attach great importance to safety, which is why we have the necessary safety certificates such as VCA, NEN3140, forklift truck, aerial work platform and safe hoisting. We also have the Safety Management System certificate, with which we comply with the requirements of the standard VGM Checklist Contractors, VCA* version 2008/5.1 valid for the activities “performing mechanical and electrical installation work on machines and technical systems”.