Robot pallet wrappers

The most flexible pallet wrapper in our range is the robot pallet wrapper. Simply drive it to where it is needed, and it wraps automatically. In addition, it is extremely suitable when it comes to loads with different sizes. Think, for example, of stacked, horizontal doors. The robot wrapping machine drives around them and its sensors indicate where the film should be wrapped. The robot wrapper looks for the contours of the product itself and adjusts its rate of ascent accordingly.

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Matco Draaitafel

Turntable ø

Matco Draaitafel Snelheid

Turntable speed

Matco Belastbaar Gewicht

Max. load

Matco Maximale Wikkelhoogte

Max. wrapping height
2200 mm

Matco Maximale Palletgrootte

Max. pallet
600 x 600 mm

Matco Capaciteit

ca. 150 pallets with fully charged battery, up to ca. 20 pallets per hour

Matco Foliewagen Snelheid

Film Carriage speed

Matco Voorrek/Folierem

Film brake
mechanical film brake (50 -100%)

Matco Machine Gewicht

325 kg

Matco Voedingsspanning

Supply Voltage
230 V / 50 -60 Hz / N + PE

30 pallets per hour, 150 per full battery

If you’re looking for a highly flexible wrapper, then the Robot pallet wrapper is the wrapper you’re looking for. This mobile robot wrapper is mobile and allows you to quickly and easily wrap your pallet with film in different places. The maximum capacity is approximately 30 pallets per hour. With a full battery you can wrap around 150 pallets. Since the Robot pallet wrapper has a pre-stretch system, you can also save on your film. We can also supply this machine with a mechanical film brake.

robot pallet wrapper

Very suitable for loads with different sizes

Do you have a large variety of large pallets that you want to wrap? Then the Robot pallet wrapper is exactly what you need. The sensors ensure that loads with different sizes are correctly wrapped in foil. Anything other than the standard is a piece of cake for the Robot wrapping machine.

Continuously 20 service engineers on the road

Our maintenance department consists of 20 service engineers who are constantly on the road for preventive planned maintenance and emergency repairs. This ensures that your Robot pallet wrapper continues to perform optimally and has as little downtime as possible

Guaranteed load security

The Robot pallet wrapper makes it possible to comply with load security. When the pallet is transported by truck, the load is secured to the pallet. This prevents the load from coming loose from the pallet for which you, as the manufacturer, are responsible.

Minimise downtime

Maintenance contract

We know how your machine works, because we designed and built it ourselves. That is the great advantage of a maintenance contract with Matco.