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There are many different types of machine films. Which type is best for you depends on your product and which wrapping machine you use. We will be happy to help you find the right machine film for your pallet wrapper.

Benefit from our own film

Due to our wide range of wrappers, we have customers in many different sectors. Each sector has its own specific wishes and requirements. Moreover, each machine works with film in its own way. In order to respond optimally to this, we have developed our own film brand Octastretch. This consists of various types of film, the recipes of which we helped to devise. We have a large part of this range of films in stock. We also offer you the option of concluding a call-off order, which minimises the risk of downtime.

Plenty of advantages

  • Quality guaranteed in different type and rack ratios
  • Produced by means of a fixed recipe
  • Delivery reliability by stock

Ask our film experts

Do you have any questions about our film? Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call our film experts: +31 (0) 850 49 49 49 60.

Minimise downtime

Maintenance contract

We know how your machine works, because we designed and built it ourselves. That is the great advantage of a maintenance contract with Matco.

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