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Optimal efficiency, the best return on your investment and, of course, excellent service: that is the strength of Matco, end-of-line packaging experts.

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Matco Bulb

Dutch machine builder

Innovative and in-house engineering

Matco Experience Medal

Reliable and sustainable

50 years active in the pallet wrapping industry

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Strong after sales

Inspection, maintenance, service, training, spare parts, stretch film

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Machine builder with own engineering, own software and own resources

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Wide range of products

Broad portfolio of machines in different price ranges

Matco Diversity

Brand independent maintenance

To wide range of intralogistics systems

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Always close to the customer

Locations in NL, DU, BE, ES and UK

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Total solution provider

Full turnkey service from machines to maintenance and consumables

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Matco’s main business consists of a number of products and services:

  • Pallet wrapping machines
  • Intralogistic transport systems
  • Safety fences
  • Wrapping film and other packaging materials
  • Installation, service & maintenance
  • Technical & industrial services

We combine our expertise in machinery, service & maintenance and consumables; one-stop-shopping. Experience it yourself! We will gladly visit you to assess your needs.

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Innovation as the key to success

Thanks to our many years of experience, expert knowledge and good cooperation with customers, we offer optimum security in final wrapping systems for all kinds of sectors. Matco distinguishes themselves with a contemporary vision and approach: we use our broad knowledge and experience to proactively find innovative solutions for complex transport packaging. Matco can handle any request from any customer.



Food & Beverage

I am very satisfied with Matco. There are friendly people who help us quickly, specifically with a robot wrapper that wraps our pallets. We have been producing biodynamic preserves for more than thirty years. We do this in our own way: in close cooperation with our growers and with care for our customers.

Machandel BV
Franke Koopmans

Mechanical and electrical extension of previously installed intra-logistics system with multiple flow-through racks, several spiral conveyors, crate warehouses and kilometres of box- and crate conveyors at multiple floor and platform levels aimed particularly at the inbound and outbound of children's toys and entertainment products. All this in a very short installation period, while the "shop" was open during the installation.


We are very happy with the cooperation with Matco. The wrapping machine is easy to operate and causes few malfunctions. If necessary, Matco will send an engineer within 24 hours.

Dorel Juvenile
Marcel van den Nouweland
Food & Beverage

Matco has been our in-house supplier of wrapping machines for 22 years because, just like us, they continuously strive to optimise their processes. One of the machines they have delivered has already wrapped more than 3 million pallets.

Pieter De Backere

Matco is a professional and open company that employs people who know their business. After thorough research in our company, they gave the right advice for wrapping machines and good aftersales service. I have had positive experiences with Matco for years because of the knowledge, experience and products they provide. Matco listens to our wishes, delivers quality and does what our contact person promises.

Paul Jeronimus

Mechanical and electrical installation of a sorting system for various parcels at a Chinese logistics company in Liège. This sorting system enables the end customer to sort 14.400 parcels per hour. Th system contains 280 sorter-carriers and 143 chutes. The realisation of this project enables delivery to the customer from China within 72 hours.


For over 10 years we have had good experiences with Matco. Their goal is always to increase the speed of the wrapping and improve its quality for a good price/quality ratio.

Iris Ohyama Europe B.V.
Pascalle van Broekhoven
Brouwers den Bosch-8797

Matco is a professional and open company that employs people who know their business. After thorough research in our company, they gave the right advice for wrapping machines and good aftersales service.

Brouwers Transport | Logistics | Warehousing
Toine Brouwers

Second assembly project for a logistics service provider at their Zwickau site. The system consists of three sorting systems (A-B-C) with a total of 40 sorters and 81 chutes on several floor levels, enabling sorting of 4.200 parcels per hour.

Food & Beverage

At Lamb Weston in Kruiningen, Matco has provided a conversion for two other brand wrappers, which have been converted to two Matco rotating arm wrappers to full satisfaction.

Lamb Weston
Kees Iwaarden

Mechanical and electrical installation project including kilometres of conveyor systems supplemented by flow racks including zone picking with Pick To Light. The end-user can now easily transport her items to the warehouse and then exchange them as required between Retail and E-commerce.