Over 40 years of experience

the experts in pallet wrapping

Optimal efficiency, the best return on your investment and, of course, excellent service: that is the strength of Matco, the experts in pallet wrapping.

Our pallet wrappers
Matco Bulb

Dutch machine builder

Innovative and in-house engineering

Matco Experience Medal

Reliable and sustainable

40 years active in the pallet wrapping industry

Matco Sales

Strong after sales

Inspection, maintenance, service, training, spare parts, stretch film

Matco Flexible


Machine builder with own engineering, own software and own resources

Matco Product Range

Wide range of products

Semi and fully automatic machines in different price ranges

Matco Diversity

Diversity in brands

Semi-automatic & fully automatic (Matco & Borst)

Matco Route

Always close to the customer

Locations in NL, GER, BE and ESP

Matco Solutions

Total solution provider

One stop shopping in the field of pallet wrapping

New: Pay per Pallet

Imagine never having to invest again in a wrapping line or a pallet wrapper. Instead, you pay per use of machine and stretch film – pay per pallet. So you know exactly what the cost price is. Matco offers you all these advantages in the new concept ‘Whole-In One’… and much more!

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Innovation as the key to success

Thanks to our many years of experience, expert knowledge and good cooperation with customers, we offer optimum security in final wrapping systems for all kinds of sectors. Matco distinguishes themselves with a contemporary vision and approach: we use our broad knowledge and experience to proactively find innovative solutions for complex transport packaging. Matco can handle any request from any customer.