Matco A700

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Matco Draaitafel

Turntable ø
1650 mm

Matco Draaitafel Snelheid

Turntable speed
3 - 12 rpm

Matco Belastbaar Gewicht

Max. load
2000 kg

Matco Maximale Wikkelhoogte

Max. wrapping height
2500 mm

Matco Maximale Palletgrootte

Max. pallet
1200 x 1000 mm

Matco Capaciteit

up to 30 pallets per hour

Matco Foliewagen Snelheid

Film Carriage speed
Frrequency controlled

Matco Voorrek/Folierem

Film brake
pin punch cut unit

Matco Machine Gewicht

580 kg

Matco Voedingsspanning

Supply Voltage
230 V / 50 Hz / N + PE

Flexibility, safety, load security and top quality: it all comes together in the A700 from Matco. This practical semi-automatic pallet wrapper has a driven pre-stretch system for extra efficiency and cost savings. From one piece of film of 1 metre, this wrapper makes 4 metres. Because the film is first stretched, it wraps better around the pallet. The machine is suitable for light, medium and heavy loads. In addition, the A700 has 5 pre-programmable wrapping programs with their own start button, so that you can achieve the best wrapping for each type of pallet load.

EEfficiency thanks to wrapping programs

The A700 from Matco is equipped with 5 pre-programmable wrapping programs. Each program is linked to its own push button, so the operator can easily select the correct wrapping program. Different products or load sizes are wrapped to measure, making wrapping more efficient than ever before.

Optimal flexibility

Would you like a semi-automatic pallet wrapper that can be used flexibly? Then the A700 is exactly what you are looking for. You can simply move it to another place if needed. The big advantage is that it is not riveted to the floor. It’s easy to move.  

Your employees can work safely

Safety comes first when your employees wrap pallets in film with the A700 of Matco. This semi-automatic pallet wrapper is equipped with a fall and foot safety device on the film carriage and indicators that indicate when the machine is active. 

The best components from the best brands

All our semi-automatic pallet wrappers, including this A700, consist of A-quality components, such as SEW motors, Allen-Bradley PLC and frequency convertors and Festo pneumatics. This way, we always offer you absolute top quality for which Matco has been known for more than 40 years. We take care of design, assembly, programming, testing and commissioning in-house. Our experts are happy to work with you in order to continuously improve your efficiency, both now and in the future. 

Your A700 equipped with special requirements

The finishing of this semi-automatic pallet wrapper is possible based on your wishes. It comes in handy that we have designed and built the A700 ourselves, because this way we know exactly what the possibilities are. Our specialists can switch very quickly and make adjustments as you wish. So, let our engineers know what you want in terms of dimensions, couplings, the user interface and on-site testing. They will arrange it for you. 

20 service engineers for maintenance

Your A700 semi-automatic pallet wrapper benefits from good maintenance. This way, we can minimise downtime together. As agreed, we will visit you for preventive planned maintenance. Of course, you can rely on the fast service of our maintenance department. The 20 Matco service engineers are constantly on the road. In case of emergency, there is always a specialist nearby. 

Maintenance module with sensors

For the maintenance of our semi-automatic pallet wrappers, the sensors of our maintenance module keep track of all kinds of information. Think of pallet weight, for example, because the bearings under the turntable wear harder when heavy pallets are turned on them. The number of pallets per hour and the type of environment (clean, dusty or humid) is also important. Based on this, we know when maintenance is needed for which parts. If you wish, we can even use an Ethernet module to send maintenance updates via SMS or e-mail to the responsible employee. This way, you know exactly which part needs maintenance and when, and you can prevent downtime as much as possible. 

Guaranteed load security

The A700 makes it possible to comply with load security. When the pallet is transported by truck, the load is secured to the well-stabilised pallet. This prevents the load from coming loose from the pallet for which you, as the manufacturer, are responsible.

A weighing unit saves costs

Op We can place a weighing unit on this A700 turntable machine if wanted. Especially for transport in containers overseas, the exact weight of the load must be known. Thanks to our integrated scale, you no longer need to perform a separate operation. We can connect a display or a printer: the choice is yours. We are happy to provide you with optimum efficiency and cost savings.

Minimise downtime

Maintenance contract

We know how your machine works, because we designed and built it ourselves. That is the great advantage of a maintenance contract with Matco.

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