Our sectors

Bulk material & solids

When it comes to winding bulk material & solids, such as gravel or cement powder in bags, Matco can provide very heavy and robust wrappers. You can choose from semi-automatic pallet wrappers and fully automatic pallet wrappers with a turntable or rotating arm. Of course, we also have options for dust and waterproofwrapping. This gives you all the possibilities to wrap bulk material & solids the way you want.


Optimally prepared

Because things can get a little rougher and dustier in this sector, we have optimally prepared our machines. They almost all have sealed lubrications, a covered ring, a cap around to prevent dust, closed washers. In short, you choose for quality.

Whole-In-One concept

Wrapping a pallet is an art. All kinds of things are involved. For example, an optimal match between the machine and the film with the right properties, which depend on the application and the product. Matco knows this art like no other. You can come to us for a complete service. Use our expertise in the field of wrapping, inspection & maintenance, testing and the supply of foil. That is our Whole-in-one concept.

Customised advice

The pallet wrappers from Matco are the cream of the crop. For more than 40 years, our name has guaranteed top quality in the field of wrapping. Especially in this sector, our expertise generates the best results. Experience it for yourself! Please contact our experts for customised advice.

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