Savings of more than 30% on stretch film

Matco achieves savings of over 30% on stretch film around Farm Dairy’s pallets.

The focus on sustainable packaging in society is growing among customers and the government. Together with its supplier and chain partner MATCO, FARM DAIRY has taken valuable steps towards sustainability. To this end, a pilot project was launched in 2023 to save on the use of machine stretch film to pack pallets in a load-stable way. 

After an extensive testing and analysis phase, an optimum balance was found between the technology of the Matco fully automatic pallet wrappers and a much thinner stretch film used. The result, an average 31% reduction of film! The application of the new film also improved load stability, allowing FARM DAIRY’s products to be transported damage-free.

A very nice step in reduction of plastic around our pallets and a significant improvement in our CO2 packaging footprint,” concludes Arend Bouwer – Managing Director of Farm Dairy.

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