Safety fences

Safety always comes first

That is why Stikkers International specialises in the production and assembly of system mesh panels for machine safety and warehouse safety screening.

The complete systems we supply comply with the applicable directives and standards. We are also able to fit your production system with guards on site to protect your operators from possible physical injury.

Flexible application
High-quality, robust
Simple assembly

Flexible and modular safety partitions

The safety of your employees around machinery is obviously very important. This is where we can help. Stikkers International’s mesh panels are ideally suited for customer-specific solutions. Our range consists of flexible and modular safety partitions for any kind of production environment. Our technical staff with extensive assembly experience will be happy to install the fencing for you on site.

Thanks to years of experience installing safety fences, we know how to get it right. Our safety fences are quick and efficient to install. We have chosen a type of mesh panel in combination with a type of post, making installation smooth and easy. A single mechanic can install the fencing. Moreover, each gate type is pre-assembled for this purpose.


Surface treatment of your choice

How do you want the safety fences finished? We can powder-coat the safety fences in a RAL colour of your choice. Would you prefer them to be delivered fully galvanised or in stainless steel? We can arrange that for you. We can also offer you a wide variety of doors. Think of single or double hinged doors, sliding doors (rails and/or freewheels).

Above all, tell us your needs and wishes. We are happy to think along with you!