Pallet wrappers

Do you transport pallets regularly and want them to be delivered in perfect condition? Then a pallet wrapper is indispensable. Easily apply (protective) materials to pallets with these machines. We help you find the correct wrapper for your situation, so you can deliver your pallets in top condition to your customers. View the complete range of Matco. At Matco, you will always find new or used pallet wrappers at a competitive price. Need more information? Then read on and discover the advantages!

Semi Automatic

Matco B400

  • Powered pre-stretch
  • Display

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Matco A700 CC

  • Powered pre-stretch
  • Touch screen
  • Cut & clamp unit

Matco_A700 AW
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Matco T3 ECO

  • Mechanical film brake
  • Display

Matco T3 Eco
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Matco A-HS

The A100, A400, and A700 can be fitted with a horseshoe rotating table.

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Fully Automatic

Matco ALC33

  • Automatic rotary arm pallet wrapper
  • 33 rpm
  • 80 pallets per hour

Matco ALC_33
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Borst P2100

  • Automatic turn arm pallet wrapper
  • 15 rpm
  • 40 pallets per hour

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Borst P1500

  • Automatic turntable pallet wrapper
  • 15 rpm
  • 45 pallets per hour

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Borst P2300

  • Automatic turn arm pallet wrapper
  • 20 rpm
  • 55 pallets per hour

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Looking to buy a pallet wrapper?

Pallet wrappers are used to protect the load against water, dust and impact damage. Moreover, there is even extra protection against theft. Pallet wrappers are used in different sectors for various reasons. For example, the transport sector makes frequent use of pallet wrappers to protect the contents of the pallet against damage and theft. But a pallet wrapper is also becoming increasingly indispensable in other sectors. Consider the food sector, chemical industry and general cargo. A correctly wrapped load is better protected against rain, leaks and other matters that can cause damage. It prevents spoilage and defects during transport.

Wrapping pallets with a machine

Wrapping with a professional machine ensures optimal protection of the load. At many organisations, pallets are still wrapped manually without a pallet wrapper. Apart from the fact that this is very time-consuming, it also does not provide the perfect result. The film regularly tears during manual wrapping or is not applied evenly. If this must be corrected afterwards, it will cost your organisation extra time and money. In addition, you must discard unnecessary wrapping material. This results in extra costs and is not environmentally friendly.

Only choose the best quality

Countless companies choose to continue using outdated or poorly maintained pallet wrappers. This can cause many problems within the organisation. For example, dated machines malfunction regularly or wrap pallets inaccurately. Moreover, it can take some time for a broken machine to be repaired. This means that transport will suffer (temporary) downtime and that pallets are not delivered to the customer on time. You always want the load to be delivered to your customers on time and in the best possible condition. Therefore, choose the high-quality pallet wrappers from Matco. We only deliver top-quality machines that you can use for years to come.

Versatile range and A-components

Matco offers various types and models of pallet wrappers. Firstly, you can choose between fully automatic pallet and semi-automatic pallet wrappers. A fully automatic machine offers your employees the most convenience. This device largely wraps the pallets itself, without human assistance. Do you want to know which version best suits your organisation? Our experienced specialists are happy to advise you.

We also offer rotary arm and rotating table pallet wrappers. Both machines perfectly wrap a load, but they operate differently. The rotary arm wrapper contains a component that rotates around the stationary pallet. With a rotating table pallet wrapper, the pallet is placed on a rotating element. The pallet then rotates and is wrapped with wrapping material. Depending on the pallets that need to be wrapped and the available space on the work floor, one type of pallet wrapper may be more suitable for your company than the other. Matco is happy to advise you on this.

More than 40 years of experience

Matco has been involved in the development and production of pallet wrappers since 1975. As a result, we have been aware of all developments and trends within the world of wrapping for more than 40 years. From the start, innovation and quality have been at the heart of everything we do. This is the main reason that we have decided to take the entire process into our own hands. We not only supply machines, but we also produce them ourselves. This way, we always guarantee that only top-quality components are used and that everything is adjusted accordingly. In consultation, we can always adjust the machine to best suit the work within your company. Moreover, we have our own spare parts warehouse and we provide years of service on our pallet wrappers. This allows you to continue to use the purchased equipment, without worry.

More information

Do you want to know more about Matco’s pallet wrappers? Please contact us by e-mail or call us at + 31 (0)85 049 4960. You can also request the brochure via the website. Do you know exactly which pallet wrapper you need? Request for a quotation now.