Pallet sealing machine

In pallet transport, you want everything to be delivered in the best possible condition at the place of destination. A pallet sealing machine helps you with this. By choosing an automatic sealing machine from Matco, you can be sure that your products are well protected by the film that is wrapped around them. But which machine best suits your situation? We are happy to think along with you. In the range of Matco, you will always find a pallet sealing machine that best suits your situation and also at a competitive price. Need more information? Then read on and discover all benefits!

Semi Automatic

Matco T7 PRO

  • Powered pre-stretch
  • Touch screen
  • 4 wrapping programs

Matco T7 Pro
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Matco B400

  • Powered pre-stretch
  • Display

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Matco A900 CC

  • Semi-automatic rotary arm pallet wrapper
  • 12 rpm – 30 pallets per hour
  • Cut & Clamp unit

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Matco A900

  • Semi-automatic rotary arm pallet wrapper
  • 12 rpm – 30 pallets per hour

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Fully Automatic


  • Automatic rotary arm pallet wrapper
  • To be loaded with an (Electric)pallet truck
  • Up to 130 pallets per hour

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Borst P2100

  • Automatic turn arm pallet wrapper
  • 15 rpm
  • 40 pallets per hour

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Borst P17

  • Semi-automatic turn arm pallet wrapper
  • 12 rpm
  • 30 pallets per hour

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Borst P1500

  • Automatic turntable pallet wrapper
  • 15 rpm
  • 45 pallets per hour

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Why a pallet sealing machine?

You want to be sure that your load is protected against dust, water and impact damage. A pallet sealing machine forms the solution. An additional advantage is that thieves think twice when they see such a tightly packed pallet. After all, that costs them far too much effort. Transport companies in particular are used to working with wrapping film, but many production companies also rely on this method. General cargo, but also chemical products and food must be wrapped properly. A sealing machine for pallets is therefore essential.

Everything professionally wrapped

Of course, you can also opt for manual film wrapping, but that takes a long time. Moreover, the end result is not nearly as good as when you use an automatic sealing machine. With our machines, you can be sure that the film is applied as firmly as possible and in a proportionate manner. That is what it takes to optimally protect your loads. Also, you save on wrapping material and working hours of your employees. What more could you ask for?

Rely on top quality

It matters what kind of pallet sealing machine you use. An older type can be quite useful, but then it must be well maintained. If it’s not well maintained, it will get stuck every once in a while and your entire process will suffer downtime. Or the sealing machine wraps a pallet onto the wrong one, which endangers your load. Not to mention the maintenance costs that you have to spend to get everything up and running again. Instead, it is much wiser to get a high-quality pallet sealing machine of Matco. We only deliver top-quality machines that will serve you for years to come. They are built for the future!

Rotary arm or rotating table?

It will not come as a surprise that Matco’s range consists of numerous types and models of automatic sealing machines. For example, do you already know whether you require a fully automatic or a semi-automatic machine? In most cases, a fully automatic machine offers your employees the most convenience. As the name implies, this device largely wraps the pallets itself, without human assistance. Curious about the ideal model for your organisation? Our experienced specialists are happy to advise you.

You can also choose between a rotary arm and a rotating table sealing machine. Both can wrap your pallets perfectly, but the way they operate is slightly different. With a rotary arm, the pallet stands still and the sealing machine wraps the film around it. If you choose a rotating table, the entire pallet will rotate be wrapped in this way. Whichever suits you best depends, among other things, on the amount of space you have available and the weight of the pallets. Matco is happy to advise you on this.

A household name for more than 40 years

Since 1975, Matco has been an expert in the field of development and production of pallet sealing machines. For more than 40 years, we have been up to date with developments within the world of wrapping. That is why we have focused on innovation and quality from the start. From the first sketch to the engineering and commissioning process: we handle everything ourselves. This way, we always ensure that only top-quality components are used and that everything is adjusted accordingly. Together with our customers, we determine how we can perfectly adjust the pallet seal machine for the work within your company. Our own spare parts centre and our excellent service ensure that you can continue to use the purchased equipment for years to come, without worry.

Curious about the possibilities?

Do you want more information about Matco’s pallet sealing machines? Please contact us by e-mail ( or call us at +31 (0) 85 049 4960. You can also request our brochure via the website. Do you already know which machine you are interested in? Request for a quotation now.