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23 juli 2021

Matco Deventer is now ready for the future

We are proud to announce that after the move in Waalwijk in 2020, now also…

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22 februari 2021

Successful installation PVH Venlo

PVH is one of the largest clothing companies in the world, with more than 30,000…

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23 december 2020

Holiday closure

Dear relation of Matco International, The year is almost over and the holidays are approaching….

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22 december 2020

Matco Waalwijk is now ready for the future

We are proud to announce that our Waalwijk branch has moved to completely new premises….

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11 november 2020

Whitepaper ladingzekerheid en EUMOS

Iedereen die ook maar zijdelings met transport te maken heeft in zijn of haar werk…

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13 oktober 2020

Investeren in een palletwikkelaar?

Maak gebruik van de BIK Investeringsregeling! Op Prinsjesdag 2020 heeft het kabinet aangekondigd om een…

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3 september 2020

Customization is our expertise

–Rainproof packaging – Perfect load stability – Customized set-up –  Factory Acceptance Test for a customer…

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14 april 2020

Whole-In-One in the field

– Pay per pallet – No investment – Maximum flexibility – We proudly present the…

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31 oktober 2019

Global customer extremely satisfied

– Innovative fully automatic machine – 2 film carriages – high speed – One of…

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23 oktober 2019

Arvato Supply Chain Masterclass 2019

– Supply Chain Talent Crisis, Solutions for Tomorrow & Beyond – André van der Wei,…

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