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22 Februar 2024

Savings of more than 30% on stretch film

Matco achieves savings of over 30% on stretch film around Farm Dairy’s pallets. The focus…

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29 Januar 2024

Stikkers International turns into MATCO International!

As of today Stikkers International turns into MATCO International! Already 2 years part of the…

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26 Januar 2024

BEST Practise interview in Warehouse Total:

„We offer a sustainable, economical and cost-saving solution for our customers.“ A unique service concept…

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19 Oktober 2023


Congratulations to the MATCO and STIKKERS team, we did it!!! We have been declared FD…

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28 September 2023

PPMA Birmingham 2023

MATCO goes UK! With the start of our UK branch we were present at the…

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19 April 2023

Visit our EXPERIENCE CENTER in Deventer

We invite you to come and test our state-of-the-art pallet wrapping machines and the most…

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4 April 2023

New office for MATCO Germany

We are proud to announce that also our German branch has moved to a new…

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16 Februar 2023

Fully automated wrapping line

Matco has once again successfully and proudly installed a fully automated pallet wrapping line at…

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Matco goes USA

The first machines are ready to be shipped to the USA. Semi-automatics first, but fully…

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14 September 2022

New office for Matco Belgium

We are proud to announce that our Belgium branch has moved to a new and…

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5 Oktober 2021

MATCO sorgt dafür, dass es funktioniert, und das ist ein beruhigender Gedanke!

Für ihr neues Lager in Duisburg suchte die Stenkamp Logistik GmbH eine Stand-alone-Palettenwickelanlage mit einer…

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9 September 2021

Never stop innovating! Meet the SLK8 LOW!

Matco’s brand new SLK8 LOW, a fully automatic turntable wrapper with only a turntable height…

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23 Juli 2021

Matco Deventer is now ready for the future

We are proud to announce that after the move in Waalwijk in 2020, now also…

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23 Februar 2021

Successful installation PVH Venlo

PVH is one of the largest clothing companies in the world, with more than 30,000…

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22 Dezember 2020

Matco Waalwijk is now ready for the future

We are proud to announce that our Waalwijk branch has moved to completely new premises….

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3 September 2020

Customization is our expertise

Rainproof packaging – Perfect load stability – Customized set-up –  Factory Acceptance Test for a customer…

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14 April 2020

Whole-In-One in the field

– Pay per pallet – No investment – Maximum flexibility – We proudly present the…

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31 Oktober 2019

Global customer extremely satisfied

– Innovative fully automatic machine – 2 film carriages – high speed – One of…

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23 Oktober 2019

Arvato Supply Chain Masterclass 2019

– Supply Chain Talent Crisis, Solutions for Tomorrow & Beyond – André van der Wei,…

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