Matco Films

The quality of a wrapping strongly depends on the quality of the film. Because we like to choose the best in this area as well, we have developed our own film types under the name Octastretch. These different types of film are always produced on the basis of recipes that we have devised ourselves. Moreover, the film is always turned on the same extruder, so that we can guarantee consistency. Of course, the films are also fully tailored to our own machines. So you choose top quality in every area.

Machine film

  • Quality guaranteed in different type and rack ratios
  • Produced by means of a fixed recipe
  • Delivery reliability by stock

Matco Machinefolie
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Hand wrap film

  • Ideal during order picking
  • Fast and flexible wrapping on location
  • Pre-stretched, coreless and ultra-thin

Matco Handfolie
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Top sheets

  • Optimal protection of your loads
  • Dust-proof and waterproof pallet wrapping
  • Various thicknesses, dimensions and specifications

Matco Topsheets
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Perforated film

  • Fast drying of the load
  • Perfect airflow of all wrapped goods
  • Ensures stability of the load on the pallet

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